Roaming (use any PC as assigned client)

By enabling the Roaming function, any computer client can log on Phantosys taking the logical role of any client and mount their own Vdisks.
When associated with the Personalization function (redirecting user files to central storage), any user can access their personal environment from any PC terminal.

Main applications for Roaming:

  • Use corporate PCs just like terminals, but with a major difference: all processing is done at the endpoint, thus there’s no need to invest in infrastructure required by server-based systems (such as VDI)
  • All employees have their named PC, but they are free to move around the office and use any PC to access their assigned systems and their own user data
  • Remote workers can switch between working on their desktops when they are in the Office LAN, and access the same systems and data when they are away
  • BYOD (bring your own device): employees can use their laptop devices to access systems and data provided by the corporate environment, without any connection to private systems stored in the Laptop
  • Phantosys administrator can use a Roaming client to take the role of a specific computer node and make an individual change, if there’s no need to create a new Image Node

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