Personalization (Disk Sector Redirection)

Personalization is a Key function, enabled by Phantosys Virtual Disk core technology. Allows to set redirection of specific disk sectors that point to Windows files, entire folders, or registry entries.


Phantosys Disk Sector Redirection (AKA Personalization) is a very useful feature in several situations to separate common OS/applications from individual files/settings.

Because it’s NOT BASED ON FILE/FOLDER settings, it does not require changes to the OS contained in the Vdisk, or external resources of any sort.

Examples of application:

  • Keep user data node intact, even if the system node needs to be updated or recovered. Or set the system node as automatic recovery to ensure clean/optimized OS always.
  • Set and secure an individual key named to a specific device, or store individual software  files separated from the actual system disk, so that even if the system disk is updated or snapshot-recovered, the individual content for that client will not be lost.

Remember: to change the PhantosysPersonalization configuration inside the client node, you need to disable Personalization on the Phantosys client’s setting, before booting the node. After the configuration is done, create a new Image Node and then enable Personalization for the clients to turn ON the redirection entries and make them effective.

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