AutoDrivers installation

In this tutorial we show how to use the AutoDrivers tool, in order to:

  • Manage and update a single master image
  • Use the same system image in multiple PC brands/ configurations
  • Keep images slim, optimize storage and avoid driver conflicts


1. Apply this method by running this tool in every PC model once, with an admin-rights user, to capture its device IDs to populate the folders inside the “driverbasepath” location. Check the destination folder’s date/time to easily locate the newfound devices and driver folders, and follow the procedure to search for the appropriate drivers and paste the driver files inside each folder identified by its device ID.

2. In addition to the recommended practice of using a VM as the image maintenance computer, if the computer name is set as “admin” or “test” the AutoDrivers tool will not run automatically, thus no drivers will be loaded. This is useful to keep the master image slimmer, without driver files.

3. The file “exclude_dev” located inside the AutoDriversInstall folder can be used to set specific device IDs that should be ignored and not loaded by the AutoDrivers tool.

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