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Why Use Phantosys?

Reduce costs and improve IT efficiency

Stop wasting money and IT resources

Prevent downtime and avoid losses

Avoid user downtime that can lead to delays and disruptions

Enhance system and data security

Keep all systems and software updated to the safest standards

Make the most of IT assets

Phantosys uses ONLY local processing, and can optimize clients' hardware and software

Protect information assets

Avoid data leakage, especially on mobile computers

Transform PCs in low-cost managed devices

No investments in infrastructure. Just install and verify Phantosys remarkable value!

Main benefits

The Ultimate Solution for Enhanced Security, Cost Savings and Optimization of Computer Systems

Essential tool for Managed Services

A simple-to-use yet advanced concept for managing computers and systems, that can be operated by fewer, entry-level IT personnel.

Staff allocated for support/helpdesk
Save up to 90%

Data protection and access control

Protect sensitive data and Intellectual Property, with virtual disk technology, disk lock and port blocking features.

Data protection on mobile computers
Increase up to 99%

Reliable Backups and Instant recovery

Keep backups of entire systems and data disks always ready for instant recovery. Disk snapshots can be stored on client and server.

Client PC availability
Increase up to 99%

Multi-site Centralized management

Phantosys' unique edge-computing architecture enables different options for integrating multiple sites into a central point of management.

Cut IT support needs on branch offices
Save up to 90%

Rationalization of IT resources

Phantosys has many features to help rationalize IT resources, with consistent support for BYOD and on-demand systems/software.

Qty of designated PCs and SW licenses
Save up to 50%

Lowest TCO for Desktop Virtualization

Phantosys takes Virtualization technology to edge devices, which makes it a groundbreaking alternative to server-based systems such as VDI.

Total cost compared to VDI
Save up to 70%

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