German Innovation Award 21 WINNER

Phantosys computer management system offers the highest safety standards for home-office devices

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the IT resources needed for working from home have become a major challenge for many companies. Phantosys latest developments offer the best combination for Remote Office computers. Deploy and manage secure systems through Virtual Disks, while keeping PC/Notebook full power and autonomy, free of Internet/bandwidth constraints.

  • Autonomous installation (by USB) of Virtual Disk local boot manager, and remote server connection by LAN or WAN.
  • Complete isolation between personal OS (local partition) and VDisks. Unallocated (hidden) storage of Virtual Disks in the computer’s HD.
  • Local boot and Vdisk selection (Win or Linux) and application sets (Office, Engineering, Design, etc) at no extra cost of Phantosys licenses.
  • Background updates of VDisks from the server, without disturbing the user’s operation. Easily switch to an upgraded version of OS/software, or roll back to a previous version, just by a simple reboot.
  • Local management of VDisk snapshots (automatic disk image backup) and instant recovery.