Phantosys customized boot screen

Home-office successful case in Germany

Press release from December 18, 2020

The topic of the home office is the current challenge for the IT industry. That is why Phantosys has further expanded its solutions for the central management of loans and private devices (BYOD *). The classic Phantosys solution is designed for computers in the local network. The new concepts and features for managing home office devices were developed on this basis.
The resources for VDI solutions are expensive and limited. That is why the use of local resources is an important point for working from home.
The new innovative Phantosys solutions for home-office and homeschooling minimize the support effort and provide users with current local systems that can be reset at the push of a button in the event of a problem.

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* BYOD = Bring Your Own Device

Reference case

The district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg already uses over 2000 local computers with the classic Phantosys solution for its schools. Due to the coronavirus, a further 650 notebooks are currently being equipped with Phantosys in order to prepare them for rental.
The display of an individual boot menu gives the user a sense of belonging and clearly shows the ownership structure. The loan devices can be configured in such a way that unauthorized use of the loan devices is prevented.

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